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The needle felt you'll find in this category are both my previous 21 micron merino needlepunch quality in 193 cm width,
and the new needle felt made ​​of 19.5 micron merino wool in 180 cm width.

So please note the headline on the boxes.

If you look for some color in one or the other category it is because I first get all the colors home in 19.5 micron quality
when I have sold my stock of 21 micron needle felt, it is also why the price is greatly reduced.
 That means if you want such as black and white, etc. I have them in the group called the 19.5 micron needlepunch 180 cm width.
Is it the brown, rust and Icemint it's still the old 21 micron quality you should find them under.
I have to tell you that you easily can use the two qualities together, without having any visible differences in the quality.
19,5 micron needlefelt fabric
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Price including tax:
DKK 171,50
21 micron Needlefelt fabric
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Price including tax:
DKK 200,00
25 colours of needlefelt squares
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Price including tax:
DKK 6,00